Relationship Enrichment

Thank you for applying for Relationship Enrichment Workshop with CRC Cape
Town. Our counsellors, Derek and Colleen Pietersen are great at what they do and are happy to assist you where they can. In order for us to be able to best support you we ask you to consider seeing the course through, from beginning to end. Reservations are not final until feedback regarding the completed forms are filed and confirmed with an email sent by the Church. As soon as your application is approved you will be contacted via email and given dates of the next available running course. In response to your request, please complete this Relationship Enrichment Workshop application form.

This workshop can be done by anyone who is preparing for marriage as a single
person, a person who is dating and looking to get engaged, a person who is
engaged to be married and needs pre-marital counselling or for those who are
married and are looking to enrich their marriage with valuable, Godly wisdom on marriage a healthy, flourishing marriage.


Four weekly sessions will be held at CRC Cape Town Church on a Tuesday evening 13 OCT 2020 from 19:00- 20:30 for successive weeks until the course is completed.

1. pre marital counselling must be attended in person – compulsory.
2. first session orientation must be attended by ALL- compulsory
3. From the second week of the course, zoom will be available to those who arrange with the counsellors.

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